12 Week Strong: Gym Edition
Scared to hit the weights section? Worried people will watch and judge. Don’t stress, you are so not alone! This is one of the main fears I hear. But BABE….we gotta get you out into the big bad gym! This is a strength training program designed to educate, empower and inspire people of all shapes, sizes, fitness and lifting backgrounds. The 12 Week Strong provides the opportunity to both learn the skills all while guaranteeing a badass workout using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and more.


  • 12 WEEKS of bespoke workouts for the gym.
  • 4 training phases so you can find what's right for you : Foundations, Hypertrophy, Strength and Conditioning and Overreaching.
  • Our beginners guide to self love through exercise.
  • 13 Body Confidence Affirmation templates
  • Access to our password protected Members Only Area
  • Lifetime access to our TEAM BODY CONFIDENCE Facebook Community
  • Our TBC Nutrition Guide PDF download (RRP £50)


  • Ability level: beginner+ (You can do this!)
  • Perfect for busy babes: No longer than 60 minutes per workout
  • Video Library
  • One-off payment
  • No hidden costs
  • Accountability
  • Support

Babe, you got this! Shall we?

£ 80 
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Meet Natalie!

Natalie Pisch became a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2020 after realizing the power of holistic health and nutrition in her own life. Her mission is to help you ditch the diet drama with simple nutrition, fitness and lifestyle tweaks that empower you to live your most vibrant, happy and healthy life! Natalie lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but her heart feels most at home in Disney World! Her favorite foods are avocado, strawberries and dark chocolate (and maybe a glass of red wine!) and in her spare time she loves finding new ways to make healthy food delicious!

What equipment do I need?

For this plan you'll need a variety of different pieces of equipment. Including free weights, cable machine, lat pull down and chest press. However, these are all pieces of equipment your local gym should have. If you are missing a piece of equipment needed for your plan please drop us a message in the TBC facebook community or at trainedbycharly@gmail.com and we can send you an alternative exercise that works for you.

Can I repeat the guide? Does it expire?

Yes. Once you have purchased your plan it’s yours to complete whenever, wherever. You’re a lifetime TBC member and it doesn't expire.

Can I complete the plan pregnant?

Congratulations hot mama to be! Whilst our guide might be perfectly safe for you, this is not a prenatal programme so please check with your doctor first.

What if I need support?

I’m here to be your bestie! Any problems you can get in contact here  or for anything nutrition or fitness related why not post on our facebook community and help other babes see the answer too.

Can all genders use this plan?

Yes. This plan is for you.

What's Does It Look Like?
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