Get trained by Charly?
My mission is to EMPOWER you to fall in love with yourself and become the best version of you. I'm a firm believer that health and wellness is just as much about mindset and in your belief in yourself as it is about your training.

I’m here to be your fitness bestie!

I provide high energy and goal focused sessions. We have fun and make sure you feel as confident, healthy and happy as can be! 

Charly’s Certifications:

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach
  • CPD Gym Based Boxing
  • CPD Metabolic Circuits
  • CPD Studio Cycling
  • CPD Pre and Post-natal Exercise

Fitness goals made easy!

What is the process? 

I’m so proud of you for taking that next step by checking out 1on1 sessions! You’re amazing babe.

So step one is to book yourself in for a FREE consultation. This can be done over zoom or in person (state preference on booking).

What happens in a consultation?

This part is all about getting to know each other. Every consultation starts with a chat and then you fill out a quick form. This form will ask you about any injuries you have, your reasons for starting the gym and your current exercise regime (if any). I then take you through this form and answer any questions you have but most importantly, give recommendations about how best to use the gym based on what you’ve told me about yourself.  I’ll be sure to send you in the direction of what is best going to suit your needs and your lifestyle. From this consultation I’ll be able to go away and write you an action plan and know where you need the most support (e.g nutrition, injury specific, self belief etc)

Are you ready to ditch the negative mindset and become the most glowing, amazing version of yourself?

Book your sessions using the section below :)